The Cowboy Concierge

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Cowboy Concierge: noun {cowboy kōⁿ-ˈsyerzh, cowboy ˌkän-sē-ˈerzh}

An individual who provides a service that facilitates assistance with finding needed equipment and services; also provides listing services and referrals for equipment, makes arrangements for bringing buyers and sellers together, and transportation or delivery when needed. - Encyclopedia Brittanica

Livestock Handling Equipment

Whatever you need - We can get it for you at a great price!
Texas - Oklahoma - New Mexico

The Cowboy Concierge provides livestock handling solutions to the rancher and farmer - we come from many generations of ranchers that raised livestock. From years of honest hard work and paying close attention to what works best has helped us to identify equipment that brings innovation, quality and ease to livestock handling.

Giant Rubber Tire Watertanks

Giant Rubber Tire Watertanks

Innovative recycled open-pit hauling truck and loader tires have found new life as watering troughs that will last a lifetime. These giant rubber tire watertanks are approved by the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service in most states for use in cost share projects. Ranging in size from 6 to 13 feet in diameter, these giant rubber tire watertanks can hold up to 2,000 gallons. Circumstances that would destroy other water troughs through freezing, equipment accidents, target practice and a myriad of other causes of damage will not compromise these sturdy investments - which means significant time and replacement cost savings. To see these innovative and extremely cost effective giant rubber tire water troughs click here

Classified ads

Looking for a special piece of equipment? Maybe a used pick-up truck or some other sort of equipment? Check out our classified ads for both new and used equipment and supplies. Or if you have equipment you would like to sell - register and post your items for sale and upload photos. It's free!! Other viewers will be able to see and respond to your classified ad - putting buyers and sellers together... Go to the classifieds now

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Giant Rubber Tire Watertanks

Giant Rubber Watertanks insure that you need not buy watertanks ever again. With sizes from 5 to 13 feet in diameter and capacities up to 2000 gallons that means a lot of water - no matter whether it is for hydrating cattle or bathing cowgirls...
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